2017 Scheduled Pool Party Calendar

Please review the approved reservations below before submitting your request.

This calendar represents homeowners who have paid the deposit to host a party in the Foxwood Subdivision Common Grounds or the Pool.  The Requested Facility will be CLOSED to all uninvited members during the requested time frame.  Please be courteous and respectful and leave the designated area during the approved requested times.


Pool Reservation Calendar now displayed at Pool

PARTY On Foxwood!  Pool reservations have tripled from last year.  Its great seeing the kids and the adults 😉 having some private pool time.  As an added convenience, we have posted the Pool Party Reservations at the pool.  Its located to the left of the Office door. The next time you are at the pool, check it out so you can plan your pool time accordingly.

Enjoy the summer and safe swimming!


Pool cal at pool

LOST DOG: Black Lab (update)

The Owner and Dog have been reunited!

A Happy Ending

How many times has this happened to you, one too many I’m sure ☹.  Our little friends can’t speak for themselves when they wander off and get lost, so let’s help give them a voice when they need it the most!

We are dedicating a section of our website to “Foxwood Pets”.  If you want to share your pets information, we ask that you send a clear picture of your pet along with the information below.cats_dogs

If you want to have your pet posted on the website, please email the following information and attach a clear picture to foxwoodhoa@yahoo.com.

Pet’s Name: __________________________________

Breed/Type of Pet: _____________________________

Male/Female: ________________

Address: ______________________________________ and/or

Phone Number: ________________________________