Geese of Foxwood

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Caution early risers, the last few mornings, a gaggle of geese have been enjoying Glen & Mary Auvil’s yard at 206 Spring Meadow Road.

Here are some Fun Facts about Geese for Kids:

  • Some geese migrate every year. Others stay in the same place year round.
  • Geese eat seeds, nuts, grass, plants and berries. They love blueberries.
  • Geese can live almost anywhere. They like fields, parks and grassy areas near water.
  • Geese fly in a “V” formation. If one goose is injured, other geese will stay with it until it dies or can rejoin the flock.
  • Geese are sometimes raised like chickens for their meat or eggs. 
  • Male geese protect the nest while the female geese sit on the eggs.


Did you know that geese:

– eat more than 1-5 lbs of grass per day
– produce about 1-2 lbs of waste per day
– average about 5 goslings per year
– weigh 20 to 25 lbs
– mate for life and will stay together
throughout the year
– are federally protected by the
Migratory Bird Treaty Act

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