HOA Board Members

To contact the HOA Board or the Committee members, please use this link to generate an email:  Create Email

Board Members

  • President
  • Vice PresidentKyle Elsea
  • TreasurerAustin Eidson
  • Secretary…Kenny Tucker
  • Directors…4 spots open for volunteers

Committee Members

  • Social Committee
  • Yard of the Month Committee
  • Questions regarding the neighborhood?


HOA Management of SC
400 Regent Park Ct., Suite 100
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: 864-277-4507
Fax: 864-277-3308

Email:  admin@hoainfo.com



  1. Hello,

    I was shocked to see that the 2022 HOA fees are due now in January 2022. All the years it was due by May. This brings great struggle to families because it is due right after Christmas. No notification was sent out in advance of this change to prepare for it accordingly. I am asking you kindly to delay the due date back to May so families have time to prepare for this change and save for the fees.

    Thank you.

    Kristina Geddie

    1. Sorry Kristina. My name is Kenny and I hope that someone has already replied to you. I’m just coming onto the board and trying to help with some website updates. Just saw your comment. We’re trying to clear up the communication around this topic.

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