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Pool Trespassers

We had an incident at the pool on the morning of June 12th. The young people pictured below climbed the fence of the pool at 5:00AM and tampered with the cameras. We would appreciate any information that can be provided.


2020 Christmas Decoration Winners

And the Winners are…

202 Spring Meadow Road – Christopher & Kristina Geddie

 4 Spring Ct –  Fennin Perez & Maria Grandados

913 Spring Glen Dr – Lori & Stu Ames

Runner Ups:

  • 4 Foxwood Ct (Causey)
  • 5 Spring Ct (Phippin)
  • 507 Spring Meadow Rd (Cox)
  • 604 Spring Meadow Way (Batuwangala)
  • 705 Spring Meadow Way (Sanders)
  • 903 Spring Glen Dr (Counihan)
  • 206 Spring Meadow Rd (Auvil)


Christmas garnish

2020 Christmas Decoration Contest

Happy Holidays Foxwood

Its that time again to select your choices for the 3 best decorated homes. If case you are new to the neighborhood, here are the rules:

  1. Only 1 vote/entry per household
  2. You can submit a max of 3 houses
  3. You must include the address (house # & street) NO NAMES
  4. All entries must be submitted no later than Monday, 21th
  5. Each winner will receive a $25 gift certificate

Click on the link below to cast your vote:

Contact the Board | Foxwood Community

Aggressive Cat Reported

A grown cat described as mostly black with white feet and some white on its chest has been reported coming onto homeowners’ property and attacking other cats and small dogs.  This cat has even chased their pet into their screened porch area and tried to attack their animal.  The cat does not have a collar and is not approachable to strangers.  If this is your cat, please contain this feline as one homeowner has stated they will take extreme measures if this cat makes another attack towards their pet.  The attacks are happening in the Spring Court area.


Thank you for being patient with us, but the good news is the pool will open for the season tomorrow (Sat, May 23rd). ALL homeowners who have paid their dues will be able to use the pool and common area as your keys will be activated.

We have provided sanitizer dispensers for your use, please do not remove these from the pool area. Below is the New 2020 Pool Rules; these rules including the DHEC Guidelines are posted on our Foxwood HOA’s new website hosted by HOA Community Management at If you have signed up to this website, you will be able to access these documents and more.

We ask for your safety and others that you please abide by these rules and guidelines and stay safe.

Thank you, FHOA Board