LOST DOG: Black Lab (update)

The Owner and Dog have been reunited!

A Happy Ending

How many times has this happened to you, one too many I’m sure ☹.  Our little friends can’t speak for themselves when they wander off and get lost, so let’s help give them a voice when they need it the most!

We are dedicating a section of our website to “Foxwood Pets”.  If you want to share your pets information, we ask that you send a clear picture of your pet along with the information below.cats_dogs

If you want to have your pet posted on the website, please email the following information and attach a clear picture to foxwoodhoa@yahoo.com.

Pet’s Name: __________________________________

Breed/Type of Pet: _____________________________

Male/Female: ________________

Address: ______________________________________ and/or

Phone Number: ________________________________




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