Help Needed Assembling Playground Equipment

Hello neighbors, we hope you are all enjoying the updates to the common areas but there is more to come! We have a new 5-Bike Rack and an 8′ Merry-Go-Round but we are in need of assistance in assembling these last 2 pieces of playground equipment. To save money, all previous work has been provided by the Board and a few gracious homeowners. Again, we are asking for more homeowners to help us out.

MerryGoRound and 5-BikeRack

Assembly Needed:

5-Bike Rack Assembly: Recommends 1-2 adults for approximately 1-1.5 hours.  Assembly of the rack is easy and it comes with an Anchor Earth mounting kit.

8′ Merry-Go-Round Assembly:   Recommends 2-3 adults for approximately 6-7 hours.  This does not include the concrete cure time for the footing.  The first part of the installation is to dig the footing for the equipment.  This is 48″ deep and 36″ wide.  The optimal time to do this is while the ground is still soft.  This post assembly inserted in the footing must cure before the remaining pieces are assembled.  This is a multiple day project but the footing must be done first.

Please contact any member of the Board or call the President (Cass Scott 275-9967) directly if you are available to assist in any part of these installations.


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