Greenville Water Project along Spring Meadow Way

Spring Meadow Way is on the list to be repaved. The date is undetermined at this time. Greenville Water is scheduled to complete their work ahead of the repaving process.

Greenville Water is replacing the 2” galvanized pipes with a 6” coated pipe.  If needed, your property will get a new meter and meter box.

The contractor will replace what is removed with patch on the road, concrete on driveways and sod in the your yards.  They will replace a specialty grass if that’s what you have (depends if available at the particular time of year).  Our understanding is the contractor is attempting to contact each homeowner involved with their grass of preference.

We apoligize but they could not provide us specifics on the time frame for the work start or completion.  

I hope this answers some of the questions you might have.

Foxwood Board


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