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July Yard of the Month 2019


July-5 Foxtrail Ct-Leonard1

July-5 Foxtrail Ct-Leonard2

July Winner:  5 Foxtrail Ct – Chris & Jillian Leonard



Remember to submit your ARC Request

Many of you have already decided on your summer project. Whether its adding that new fence, building that new tool shed in the back or even removing or adding a major tree from your front yard. Whatever your project may be, remember to submit your Architectural Request (ARC) for approval before starting work to prevent any delays.

Have a great summer with your projects!


Update: We are switching to Charter for a better bandwith and cost saving plan. We will inform you once they have completed he installation and the wi-fi is operable.

It has come to our attention the internet speed at the pool is currently insufficient for our needs. The security system is fully functional but it is taking most of the bandwidth. We ask that you be patient with us as we work with Frontier to expand the bandwidth to the capacity needed for the pool security system & wi-fi to work properly together.

2019 Annual Community Meeting Highlites

For those that were not able to attend, below are some of the highlights from the meeting. Please note this is not to be construed as meeting minutes. 

We want to thank those that attended the annual community meeting on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, and also for those that could not attend but sent in their proxies. Your particpation allowed us to have a quorum to conduct business.

  • 53 homeowners present for quorum to conduct business
  • Finance report reviewed by Charlene Rice from our management Company
    • There was no increase in dues for 2019 even though
      • Insurance increased by 25%
      • Increase from new Clarity Pool contractor
  • Guest Speaker: Simpsonville PD – Corporal Chandler
    • In 2018 32 police reports were filed from Foxwood
      • Of those only 9 were considered reportable incidents
        • 1 burglary occurred
    • Although there is a low crime rate in the development, being vigilant is key
      • Report incidents immediately for forensics
      • Lock your car doors, put away lawn equipment and bikes
      • Landlines not in use can still dial 911 if dial tone is present
      • 911 can be sent via TEXT messages
  • Board of Directors were nominated and approved
    • Lamont Jones
    • Sharen Charloff
    • Cass Scott
    • Bob Cooley
    • Bonita Davenport
  • Community approved to amend the Foxwood Covenants
    • Completed initial meeting with lawyers; they will contact us on next steps. The community will be notified of a Special meeting to review.
  • Cass Scott presented Board community activities and requested volunteer services
    • 2018 Common Area Upgrades
      • 2 Pool Umbrellas
      • 1 umbrella table for the Pool
      • New larger merry-go-round
      • New bike rack
      • Natural wood stepping stones
      • Multi-colored Tire Critter – Please watch your children from pulling on the facial structure
      • New Christmas decor
    • Future & on Radar
      • Another table for pool
      • Pool surface cracks
      • Pool parking lot resurface
      • Fence repair, pressure wash and re-staining
      • Children rocking horse or similar replacement
      • Ants in common area
      • Grass in mulch
      • Christmas lights for tree entrances

Reminder: Foxwood Annual Meeting 3/26/19 7pm

Save the Date” for our annual Foxwood Community Meeting on Wednesday, March 26 at 7pm at Calvary Baptist Youth Building across from Foxfire Rd entrance.

If you would like to join the board or a committee, please be present or submit a proxy. We must have 40% of the membership or return a proxy in order to conduct business. 

GUEST SPEAKER: We have a member of the Simpsonville Police department to speak to our community this year regarding neighborhood relations, etc.

2019 Annual Mtg Reminder.jpg